Are you Learning WordPress? What is WordPress? Do you need WordPress Help? What are the best WordPress Plugins to use?  
See how to Use WordPress as a Website!

You'll get the answers to these questions and more by visiting www.mindvisionmedia.net or my YouTube Channel.

Aren't you tired of impatient, condescending forums that confuse you even more? I show you how to edit your Responsive WordPress Theme instead of giving you a coded message in PHP and CSS. You will eventually learn a basic understanding of that stuff as time goes along if you continue to work with WordPress but getting you started is what my tutorials are all about.
I’ve been having a great time helping other developers and designers with WordPress and creating learning material. It has been more rewarding than I thought in many ways. My traffic has quadrupled in only a few short weeks since I officially launched and my support feedback is 100% so far!

Here's my latest Tutorial: 

I also want to say thanks to my subscribers and supporters. Now with over 20+ WordPress Tutorial Videos on YouTube and a dozen blog posts on Blogger, MindVisionmedia.net is gaining momentum and dialing in on the audience demand for informative information on web design, wordpress, affiliate marketing, e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing.

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I provide a resource page with some useful tools to help you build a web presence as well. So stop on by and browse a bit, you won't be sorry!

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