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WordPress Responsive Theme Child Theme Update v1.9.5.1 2014 |

WordPress Responsive Theme Child Theme Update v1.9.5.1 2014. The long awaited and much needed child theme update tutorial that will help fix your broken parent or child theme. 

Hello folks, #allanmvm here to resolve the current confusion surrounding child themes and the latest versions of this popular WordPress Theme.

Over the last several weeks I have recieved a huge influx of inquiries regarding broken parent and child themes from people all over the world. Typically, theme developers only make changes that cover security vulnerabilities and bug fixes to a theme. Rarely do they change core file names and locations which can reak havoc on current users.

In recent updates however, CyberChimps has done both. In the last few months I've seen an increased update pattern from CyberChimps as they attempt to finalize core features and improvements to one of the most popular themes available. The problem started when changes to these core file names and locations were part of the updates.

This caused and is still causing a little confusion and frustration for some over which file to edit. Over the span of this past summer (2013) when the home php file was changed to front-page php (this file deals with the main Content area, CTA button and the Featured content areas of the home page), I saw an increase of support requests for help figuring out where to edit these sections in the theme editor and or explanations on how to move that file to the child theme directory to make edits.

Now with the latest updates, the actual location of the main style css file has changed. Many users have discovered that the @url reference link in their child theme css could no longer find the new location of the parent themes style css.

A quick fix for existing child theme users is to edit the path from, .../responsive/style.css to the new path in the @url reference.

In my latest UPDATED Responsive Theme Child Theme Tutorial for 2014, I reveal the new location (path) of the "parent" style css file and how to set up and use a child theme with the new Responsive Theme updates.

I show how to download and install the child theme template available from CyberChimps, activate it and set it up so you can edit your child theme successfully along with showing how to move or transfer copies of other files to the child theme directory in order to see and access them from within the Dashboard theme editor.

You can watch the Tutorial below for more:

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