Sunday, April 27, 2014

Removing Duplicate Items in Outlook 2000- 2010 | Simple and Easy

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Owning or managing a website means managing extra email accounts and if you use Microsoft Outlook to control and access these added email accounts you will undoubtedly encounter duplicates.  Removing Duplicate Items in Outlook 2000- 2010 is simple and Easy

Outlook is so easy to use and will download all of your email from all of your clients with the click of one button and I couldn't imagine managing my many email accounts without it. Going to the Internet and logging in to several separate ISP's to check mail is one of the most tedious tasks for computer and Internet users, yet millions still do it that way. 

Outlook is still intimidating for a lot of people who may think that it's primarily for businesses or large companies and not the average user. Admittedly Microsoft products are expensive to say the least and many just don't want to spend the money or already have an Office Suite that does not include the Outlook program and I understand the need to balance cost and need in making a decision to purchase it, that's a different story.

But for those who have Outlook and never touch it for whatever reason, I am here to tell you that it will save you a lot of time and hassle checking your email and that you should reconsider all the great options it provides.However the focus of this post is to inform those who do use it about a way to remove duplicate emails from Outlook quickly and easily with a simple free tool that is available to you, that's right FREE!

The program is called ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover 1.4.4) and is available for download from VAitA or other sites like CNET (just a quick note: always be careful with sites such as CNET that offer free downloads, read everything as you go through the download process as you may inadvertently download unwanted programs and marketing software along with the program you want). 

Once downloaded and set up the program is easy to use and offers a simple solution to rid your Outlook installation of bottle-necking duplicates that bog down your Outlook PST file.

Once installed it ad's a tab to your Outlook menu, select it and then select the folder in the navigation pane for which you want ODIR to check for duplicates, it scans the selected folder and locates all duplicates based on a number of criteria, it then creates a folder within the folder it searches called ODIR_Duplicate_Items, you can browse this folder to make sure you don't want any of these emails and if not, select all and say bye-bye by selecting delete, that's it.

I have removed thousands of duplicate emails from my installation of Outlook over the last year and it has helped my install run smooth and efficient and kept me from the tedious, time-consuming, laborious job of using the search and find tool built-in to Outlook and trying to determine if an email is an exact duplicate or not. 

It works with versions of Outlook from 2000 to 2010 so it covers the most common versions in use today. It has been around for a while but there are new users of Outlook born each and everyday so I wanted to share this valuable tool with those looking for a manageable solution and those who may not be aware such a tool exist.

The reason for duplicates can be varied, ranging from using POP 3 from your mail client, you had to import mail or data from an earlier version or program, to the way Outlook downloads email, regardless it can become a problem and this is the best solution I have found and can even be used on Outlook Express as well.

Check out VAitA at to find out more and start your Outlook spring cleaning now!

Allan Whitney